Every year many of our young people leave the school environment to seek employment within organizations and government entities. S2House courses assists those young candidates and other business professionals by acquiring them with skills needed for their workplace and their personal life, and this has resulted in a significant opportunity for the S2House courses.

As such the S2House courses were developed by industry-wide and cross platform job task analysis and consultation with key industry representatives to ensure the program's effectiveness and applicability. This ensures that the candidate is exposed to functional business tasks and gains practical exposure to the work environment.

S2House offers both instructor led and online courses.

S2House courses include the following :

Instructor-led Online Training

When taking an online course, do you miss the benefits of being in a classroom: live instruction, group interaction and hands-on labs? Now you don't have to. We offer our most popular courses in a delivery format called Instructor-led Online. This format means you get the benefits of being in a classroom with the convenience and cost savings of online training.

How instructor-led online training works

Instructor-led classes are taught by a live instructor on a specific day and time. In most cases, these courses are the same as their classroom equivalent in terms of course length, content and student materials. You receive the course materials in advance. And on the day of the class, all you need is a broadband Internet connection to participate. This allows you to connect to a virtual classroom where you can interact directly with the instructor to ask questions or clarify the material - just as you would in a physical classroom. Most classes include hands-on labs. For these courses, you will be able to access a remote lab environment from your desktop. As you work through exercises, the instructor can shadow you, provide guidance and address questions or issues.

Benefits of this format

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