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Common Questions

Can we make money? Since S2House Software is so affordable for our clients, doesn't that mean less margin for us?
While the per user list price of S2House Software is likely much lower than the cost of your clients' existing systems, that doesn't mean a lower total margin for you. The change in paradigm to SaaS and the constant incremental improvements from S2House mean a wealth of new recurring revenue opportunities for partners.
Businesses of all sizes are looking into how these products can best fit into and enhance how they work. From business process consulting on S2House Software adoption, to worry-free management of the application services, to comprehensive end user and administrator support &ndashh; deep knowledge of our product and interfaces will offer you new revenue opportunities at a fraction of the overhead cost you're accustomed to. Also deployment, data migration, change management, and systems integration projects should fit into your business just as they do today. In fact, because S2House Software is so affordable, customers have more budget for additional valuable services from you.

Do I provide front-line customer support as a S2House Software partner ?
We don't require this, but we encourage partners to be as proactive as they can in supporting their customers. To help you with this, your contact info can be listed directly in the support options in your customer's administrator control panel. Or you can choose to use the control panel to manage your customers' accounts yourself.

We've worked hard to build up our client list. How do we know that S2House won't later take the relationship direct and cut us out?
S2House mission of "organizing the academic institutions information and making it universally accessible and useful" hasn't changed. S2House focuses on building great products that users find intuitive, fast, and powerful. We fully recognize and appreciate the complementary role you play as a solution provider in bringing these products to business customers.
With this partner program, you own the relationship with your customers. You create and sell a complete solution that includes S2House Software and your own services, and we encourage you to provide front-line support as well. We're also working to improve the level of control that you have over the customer experience and delivery of S2House Software.

My clients have existing applications for their institution. Will they need to replace those with S2House Software?
Your customers won't need to replace their existing systems if they are happy with them. S2House Software includes a modular set of services that are designed to be used together or independently. You can help your clients chose the best of breed applications for their specific business needs – down to the individual employee level.
And of course, all of this means you as an independent advisor are able to provide comprehensive, objective guidance to your clients that isn't tied to any one vendor or technology platform.

Is S2House Software secure? What about data privacy? Why should my clients trust their data with S2House? From our physical data centers, to our application level authentication and authorization systems, to static vulnerability checks in source code, S2House was built from the ground up with data security in mind at every level. Our success is based on users trusting that their data is safe with us. We've been processing a lot of financial transactions for our global advertising business for years, and we've now completed a SAS Type II audit for S2House Software, which requires an extensive complete third-party inspection of our internal processes. S2House takes security and data privacy very seriously, and to help you handle client questions in this area, you'll learn much more about how we address security and privacy in our partner training material.

How can I train my employees to handle deployment and support?
We've put together multimedia technical training materials and exercises to assist your employees with initial ramp-up and ongoing deployment and support work. These include an extensive deployment guide, material to assist with migration and mail routing, and guides for supporting and troubleshooting the services. You'll also have access to partner-specific support from S2House and a solution provider discussion forum monitored by S2House technical representatives.

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