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  • Everything is paper based which is cumbersome to maintain.
  • Requires lots of manual work
  • Scope of errors is high
  • Retrieval of data in a desired way is very difficult
  • No common platform for distributing data


  • The application is totally computerized management with internet/intranet based application
  • S2House is a browser based application can be extended to any number of PCs in the intranet without any hassles
  • Reduces a lot of manual work, and is also user friendly
  • Reduces scope for errors
  • No or least hardware upgrade required
  • Report feature is easy with retrieval of data on desired format with the ready interface with excel for import and export of various data
  • Easy maintenance & management of data
  • There is no direct access on the data base which makes the system crash proof
  • Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records as the data base is centralized
  • Save man hours and money in lots of communication aspects
  • Save man hours in gathering and managing information
  • Single solution handling everything saves lots of investment in different software and management issues
  • Made in a very generalized way so that any changes in the institution's functionality can easily be incorporated
  • Compatible with international standards
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